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The Immigrants’ Civil War: Bigotry Against the Foreign-Born

immigrants civil war   August 25, 2015   View Discussion

The Immigrants’ Civil War: Bigotry Against the Foreign-Born

Patrick Young, Esq.

by Patrick Young, Esq. - Blogger

This page indexes all articles in The Immigrants’ Civil War that focus on anti-immigrantism during the Civil War Era.

1. Immigrant America on the Eve of the Civil War - Take a swing around the United States and see where immigrants were coming from and where they were living in 1861.

2. Why Did the Irish Fight When They Were So Despised?

3. The Irish Tigers From Louisiana

4. English-Only in 1861: No Germans Need Apply

5. After Bull Run: Mutineers, Scapegoats, and the Dead

6. Jews Fight the Ban on Rabbis as Chaplains

7. When Hatred of Immigrants Stopped the Washington Monument from Being Built

8. Inside the Mind of a Know Nothing

9. The Evolution of the Know Nothings

10. The Know Nothings Launch a Civil War Against Immigrant America

11. The Know Nothings: From Triumph to Collapse

12. The Lasting Impact of the Know Nothings on Immigrant America.

13. Lincoln, the Know Nothings, and Immigrant America

14. The Know Nothing Colonel and the Irish Soldier Confronting slavery and bigotry.

15. Did Immigrants Hand New Orleans Over to the Union Army?

16. Did New Orleans’ Immigrants See Union Soldiers As Occupiers or Liberators?

17. Did Anti-German Bigotry Help Cause Second Bull Run Defeat?

18. General Grant Expells the Jews

19. The Biases Behind Grant’s Order Expelling the Jews

20. The Jewish Community Reacts to Grant’s Expulsion Order

21. Lincoln Overturns Grant’s Order Against the Jews

22. Missouri Germans Contest Leadership of Unionist Cause-Immigrants felt they were shunted aside by nativist Union officers.

23. German Leader Franz Sigel’s Victory Earns a Powerful Enemy-Was Henry Halleck a bigot?

24. The “German” XI Corps on the Eve of Chancellorsville

25. The “Germans Run Away” at Chancellorsville

26. The New York Times, the Germans, and the Anatomy of a Scapegoat at Chancellorsville

27. Five Points on the Edge of the Draft Riots

28. Before the Draft Riots: The Cultivation of Division

29. Patrick Cleburne: The Irish Confederate and the Know Nothings

30. Killing Pat Cleburne: Know Nothing Violence

31. A German Immigrant Woman’s Gettysburg Address

32. Lincoln and the Superiority of the “Negro” Over the Irish

33. Immigrant German “Hamburgers” Tormented and Captured at Petersburg in 1864

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