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Day laborers have been the targets of attack on Long Island.

Victory: Law Targeting Latino Day Laborers Struck Down in Long Island

by Long Island Wins on September 4, 2015   NYCLU

A federal district court today affirmed the right of Latino day laborers in Oyster Bay, Long Island to seek work in public spaces, following a lawsuit filed in five years ago.


Irving Berlin, a Jewish immigrant from Russia, authored more than 1,000 songs, many of which are iconic American anthems.

Irving Berlin: A Heart Tuned to the Rhythm of America

by Esperanza on March 31, 2015  

In honor of Passover this Friday, we look at the contributions of Jewish immigrant Irving Berlin, whose passion for his adopted country crossed cultural and religious boundaries to create a legacy embedded in Americana.


The battles emblazoned on the flag of the 35th Massachusetts regiment reduced it to near non-existence by August 1864.

Immigrant German “Hamburgers” Tormented and Captured at Petersburg in 1864

by Patrick Young, Esq. on February 9, 2015  

Was a Massachusetts regiment replenished with kidnapped men?


Hip-hop was a gateway to activism for East Rockaway resident and artist Cruz Kontrol.

Hip-Hop and Hope: Culture and Advocacy Help the ‘Children from the Border’

by Maryann Sinclair Slutsky on February 3, 2015  

Salvadoran-American hip-hop artist Cruz Kontrol organizes music and cultural events with a focus on political advocacy from an immigrant perspective.


David and Carolina Bustamante, the brother and sister co-owners of Gallo Restaurant in Patchogue, were among the first businesses to embrace the changing demographics of the village. All photos courtesy Pablo Lituma Photography 2015.

Immigrant Flavor, Entrepreneurial Spirit: How Gallo is Leading the Way in Patchogue

by Hendel Leiva on February 3, 2015  

Gallo Restaurant in Patchogue is a symbol of the modern day immigrant entrepreneurial spirit that is partly responsible for the booming economic resurgence the village has experienced in recent years.


Join us on Feb. 26!

Join us for a Summit on Immigration, “Long Island at a Turning Point - It’s Everyone’s Opportunity”

by Maryann Sinclair Slutsky on January 26, 2015  

The event will aim to define the future direction of immigrant inclusion and integration for our region.


A new study finds direct correlation between the rise in violence and the surge in children crossing the border.

Data Debunks Child Refugee Myths

by Christian Bonawandt on July 15, 2014  

Violence and poverty are the overwhelming reasons children are fleeing Central America for the U.S. in such large numbers, a new study proves.


This list of books by and for Latinos has been developed for parents and teachers so they can help children better understand their Latino heritage through the portrayal of cultural and societal issues that often impact Latino children.

A Reading Program to Help Kids Find Themselves—and Their Culture—This Summer

by Christiaan Perez on July 7, 2014  

Latinas 4 Latino Lit is an online summer reading program that emphasizes Latino authors and books about Latino issues.


Maryse Emmanuel-Garcy.

From Haiti to Long Island With a Mission

by Maryann Sinclair Slutsky on June 2, 2014  

Maryse Emmanuel-Garcy seeks to help Haitian-Americans develop a strong sense of cultural identity, as well as spread knowledge about the Haitian community and culture throughout Long Island.


Mole pueblano.

A Recipe to Honor Immigrant Mothers

by Maryann Sinclair Slutsky on May 9, 2014  

In celebration of them and mothers everywhere, we offer a recipe for a special dish that, like many immigrants, blends the flavors of many worlds together.

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