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An estimated 10,000 Salvadorans on Long Island are eligible for this renewal program.

Temporary Protected Status for El Salvador was extended 18 additional months

by Patrick Young, Esq. on July 15, 2016  

Salvadorans who currently have TPS may apply for renewal between now and September 6, 2016.


Photo: Flickr/U.S. Department of State.

NaturalizeNY: new lottery helps immigrants apply for U.S. citizenship

by Luis M. Mostacero on July 14, 2016  

A new initiative in New York State, NaturalizeNY, will help immigrants with moderate incomes to apply for citizenship at no cost through a lottery process.


The bill would ensure that immigrants coming through our border seeking refuge are treated fairly.

Increased support for bill to assist Central American refugee families

by Long Island Wins on July 8, 2016  

U.S. Senators continue to support and coordinate a regional response to effectively address the humanitarian crisis driving women and children to flee extreme violence from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.


5 police officers killed and 7 officers wounded in Dallas, Texas.

Political murder and the current atmosphere of violent mistrust

by Patrick Young, Esq. on July 8, 2016  

Problems in the world that Americans care passionately about should stir up vigorous debate, but the trend over the last year has been towards increasingly virulent rhetoric and a language of violence.



VIDEO:  In a hair salon in Israel, Arab and Jewish women find common ground… in a sink

by Long Island Wins on July 6, 2016  

This week in our New York Times immigrant focused op-doc series, we bring you The Shampoo Summit. Learn how, and where, Arab and Jewish women find common ground.


Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize-winning, Holocaust survivor, and refugee. Photo: Bela Szandelszky/AP.

No human being is illegal and Elie Wiesel

by Patrick Young, Esq. on July 6, 2016  

When I debate anti-immigrant activists, they always demand that I refer to undocumented immigrants as “illegals.” Any other phrase is just “Political Correctness run amok,” according to them.


The Ten-Year Law” actually exists but its real name is Cancellation of Removal.

No DAPA means some immigrants get ripped off by lawyers

by Patrick Young, Esq. on July 5, 2016  

Some unscrupulous lawyers market the "Ten-Year Law” as though it was an amnesty. They charge their clients $5,000 to $10,000 to apply for it and don’t inform immigrants of the grave risks involved.


Maribel Touré talking to the press during the 2014 school board elections.

Community Leader looks for positive change

by Maryann Sinclair Slutsky on July 1, 2016  

This is our Executive Director Maryann Sinclair Slutsky’s latest monthly column in the Anton newspapers.


Chris Simcox. Photo: Mark Henle/The Republic.

Anti-Immigrant leader convicted of child molestation

by Patrick Young, Esq. on July 1, 2016  

Another sad chapter in the history of the armed anti-immigrant movement: the founder of the largest Minuteman group, was convicted of child molestation in Arizona.


The Supreme Court could not reach a decision on the case.

Three key points to remember after Supreme Court’s ruling on DAPA and DACA+

by Long Island Wins on June 28, 2016  

Here, you will find three key points about last week’s Supreme Court 4-4 split decision on DACA+ and DAPA.

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