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United Kingdom voted yesterday to leave the European Union.

The lessons of Brexit for Americans

by Patrick Young, Esq. on June 24, 2016  

Britain’s Brexit vote was stoked by demagogues and fueled by xenophobia. The decision to put the issue of remaining in the European Union on the ballot was made by cynical conservative politicians.


The Supreme Court tied 4-4 in its decision.

Supreme Court Ruling Blocks Obama Executive Action from Going Forward.

by Patrick Young, Esq. on June 23, 2016  

The Supreme Court dealt a blow to 3 million immigrants and their families.


Antonio and his three daughters Diana, Mariana and Fabiola.

Meet Antonio, a father who fights for the future of his family

by Long Island Wins on June 17, 2016  

This Father's Day, meet Antonio and learn how DACA+ and DAPA could bring new opportunities for his family.


An Op-Doc by the New York Times.

A conversation with Asian-Americans on race

by Long Island Wins on June 17, 2016  

Asian-Americans discuss their experiences with racism and discrimination in the United States and how stereotypes have unfairly defined them.


Photo: wikiHow.

If you apply for executive action you may need a certificate of disposition

by Patrick Young, Esq. on June 17, 2016  

Whether you think you qualify for DACA+ or DAPA, here is something you should do if you had certain problems with the police.


Photo: Muhammet Muheisen/ IStock.

It takes 2 years to enter the U.S. as a refugee but 1 day to buy a gun

by Long Island Wins on June 16, 2016  

Once again, Americans mourn another horrific mass shooting by a gunman using military style weapons, and once again an entire Muslim community is being blamed.


The Supreme Court will deliver its opinion on the immigration programs by the end of June.

To apply for DAPA, you need to prove parenthood

by Patrick Young, Esq. on June 15, 2016  

We don’t know as much about the DAPA requirements but we do know that there are a number of things that applicants will have to prove.


Long Islanders raised their candles in the name of freedom and in memory of the victims in Orlando.

1000+ Long Islanders reject hate at LGBT vigil in Bay Shore

by Luis M. Mostacero on June 14, 2016  

When she heard what happened in Orlando, early Sunday morning, she could not stop thinking and worrying about the future of her son, Carlos Agustin, a 20 year-old gay, Latino.


DACA is having a strong economic impact in every state.

Top 4 things you need to know about DACA’s 4th anniversary

by Long Island Wins on June 14, 2016  

June 15 is the anniversary of DACA, the Deferred Action Program that President Obama announced in 2012. We would like to share 4 important things you should know about DACA.


Photo: NYIC.

Department of Justice rejected Judge Hanen’s order in immigration case

by Patrick Young, Esq. on June 1, 2016  

The Department of Justice has said that the judge’s order will undermine the trust that immigrants place in the DHS's ability to safeguard their personal information.

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