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June 1, 2009   View Discussion

Co-founder of Youth for Western Civilization guilty of hate crime

Patrick Young, Esq.

by Patrick Young, Esq. - Blogger

Marcus Epstein, co-founder of the “right-wing youth movement” called Youth for Western Civilization was arrested in 2007 for attacking an African American woman on the streets of Washington. At the time he was in his early 20s and already a rising star on the far right. According to prosecutors, he gave the woman an open-handed blow, described by some souces as a karate chop, and screamed “Nigger” at her. The victim’s husband tried to catch Epstein, but he evaded him. Fortunately, an off-duty Secret Service agent was nearby, saw the incident, and arrested Epstein. Epstein did not know the woman and apparently attacked her at random, selecting her soley based on her race.
Some of the documents connected to this case, with the victim’s name redacted, have been posted on the internet. These include records showing Epstein charged with assault as a hate crime, the notes of the arresting officer,

Here is Epstein’s guilty plea. And here is the Court record that the guilty plea was received. He will be sentenced in July.
Now Epstein has long had an antipathy towards non-Whites. Here is what his response was to Republicans hoping to advance Condi Rice and other people of color within the party: “This idiotic rainbow Republicanism is a recipe for electoral failure. Besides the fact the choice most likely will alienate their white male base, it is unlikely to gain them any brownie points among blacks or females.” In an interview he said we need to at least discuss whether Blacks are genetically predispositioned towards crime.

Epstein is so extreme that he has even taken some modern conservatives to task for honoring Martin Luther King Jr. He says that the Right opposed King when he was alive and should continue to oppose him now that he is dead.
Epstein now says he was not the co-founder of Youth for Western Civilization. He is the executive director of Pat Buchanan and Bay Buchanan’s American Cause as well as executive director of Tom Tancredo’s Team America. These groups are two of the three principal institutional supporters of Youth for Western Civilization. Tancredo is the honorary Chairman of Youth for Western Civilization, and Epstein, a college buddy of the group’s current president, is said to have arranged funding and support for the group which would seem to make him a co-founder.

Epstein recently authored a column in which he assumed the mantel of victim of rabid political correctness. Without disclosing that he was already moving towards a conviction for a hate crime, Epstein wrote that ” I was a target of this hysteria [about hate crimes] earlier this year when The New York Times editorial page responding to my prosaic analysis of immigration and the 2008 election by calling me a “white supremacist””. Of course the Times was wrong. The best evidence that Epstein is a racist is not found in his writings, vile though they are, it is found in his assaulting a random Black woman and calling her a “Nigger”.

[NOTE TO PROGRESSIVES WHO THINK “Pat Buchanan has a point on immigration”- this is the kind of guy Buchanan puts in charge of his outfit.]
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