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March 5, 2013   View Discussion

Meet Our New Interns: Chris DiGregorio

Hi, my name is Chris DiGregorio and I am a new intern at Long Island Wins this semester. I am a college student, currently a senior at SUNY Old Westbury studying media and communications.

I am hoping that my interests and knowledge in writing and video will help Long Island Wins continue to move immigration reform forward. SUNY Old Westbury, which is very ethnically diverse, is a great place to learn what the student population thinks on the matter of immigration reform. I look forward to broadening the perspective for immigration reform here in the United States.

I feel that immigration reform is very much needed in today’s society because it has been too long since any substantial efforts have been made for helping the immigrant community become a part of American society. I believe that commonsense immigration policies should be implemented in order to help immigrants rather than antagonize them. By creating solutions to solve these problems, it will create a society where I feel that everyone can benefit, which will ultimately lead to a brighter future.

Immigrants in the United States shouldn’t ever feel scared, but rather they should feel welcomed by their community and have the opportunity to live the American dream. Because my mother and father were immigrants from China and Italy, respectively, it gave me a great opportunity to experience firsthand new ideas that I hope in the end will bring a unique perspective to Long Island Wins and its journey to help immigrants here on Long Island and beyond.

I look forward to working with Long Island Wins and hope that working together, people will have a positive outlook on immigration.



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