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September 29, 2010   View Discussion

Senate Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill Expected To Be Introduced in Next 24 Hours

Patrick Young, Esq.

by Patrick Young, Esq. - Blogger

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez will likely introduce a comprehensive immigration reform bill in Congress later today or tomorrow. There is no chance that the Senate will work on the bill before the November elections, and chances of any action on it during the lame duck session are slim. Senator Menendez told Politico that:

“If you look at all of the polls, overwhelmingly, people want to see a resolution of the problem. They want to see our system reformed,” Menendez told POLITICO Tuesday. “So clearly, you see the difference between those who are willing to move forward and get a reform and [those who are] not, and for the Hispanic community, clearly they understand who stands on their side and [who does] not.”




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