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January 16, 2010   View Discussion

Weekend Of Rallies Around US For Immigration Reform

Patrick Young, Esq.

by Patrick Young, Esq. - Blogger

The immigration reform protest movement entered its first weekend today. Dozens of rallies are scheduled to tie immigration reform in with the civil rights movement we remember this Martin Luther King Day.

A large rally is planned for sunny Phoenix, Arizona this weekend, but rallies have already been happening in many cold and rainy places all week. Here are some of the most recent:
More than 100 people assembled for a rally outside the North Carolina statehouse in Raleigh. The famous Wild West town of Carson City Nevada saw a rally by 350 immigration reform advocates.
A small gathering of Christian and Jewish leaders met in Virginia Beach to call for immigration reform. Wealthy Palm Springs, California was the scene of a rally by three dozen immigrant supporters, who afterwards met with their Congressperson’s staff.

Omaha, Nebraska, a place you usually don’t associate with immigration, saw a rally of 75 mostly young people. Boston‘s historic City Hall was the scene of yet another rally.
A warmer protest took place in San Jose California, where 75 people turned out. In the Sonoma Valley, more than 100 Latinos staged a rally.
The Phoenix rally this weekend has two goals, stopping anti-immigrant sheriff Joe Arpaio, and winning comprehensive immigration reform. A Hempstead area activist with the Workplace Project, Rony Martinez, told USA Today “What Sheriff Arpaio is doing is seen by anti-immigrant groups in other parts of the country as a model for what they can do. We don’t want more clones of him.”



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